The Courses

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Step 1

Attend EPICC-Foundations as a learner.

Step 2

Apply to become a Facilitator with an EPICC Mentor

Step 3

Attend an EPICC-Facilitator Course

Step 4

Be mentored teaching at an EPICC-Foundations course

It Isn’t About You!


The fundamental question you need to ask yourself if you are considering facilitating EPICC is whether you are able to make learning about learners and not about you!  Many programs involve an instructor standing and telling students what they know.  EPICC is completely the opposite…the skill is in drawing out what the groups know and facilitating conversations amongst the students.  Of course, there is a bit of teaching involved but only when the learner conversation stops!We will be frank…if you need to tell people how much you know when you teach, you won’t enjoy teaching EPICC!

What's an EPICC-Mentor?

The EPICC-Mentor is an EPICC-Facilitator who can create more facilitators. There could be one in your area available to support you. Click on the Contact tab to be put in touch with one.

Then What?

Once you have been mentored into the Foundations program, the process of facilitating to other programs is simply take it and then mentor in it. No further Facilitator courses.

Startup Innovation

Live in a smaller or remote place? Live in another country? We have supported groups starting in small places and even in other countries. We have a lot of creative ways to get EPICC started in your area, get in touch with us!