Click on the link below and then click on “Re-Send New Account Activation E-Mail”.

If the system can’t find your e-mail address, contact the person who registered you and ask what e-mail address they used.

If you work for Alberta Health Services, we recommend trying both and if you are having trouble.

Click Here to Re-Send the E-Mail

You can reset your password at by clicking on “Reset Password” at the following link.

Click Here to Reset Your Password

This will reset your password for both regular EPICC and the COVID-19 EPICC Courses.

Occasionally the internet has a hiccup when your account is being created.  If you’re able to login to the eLearning platform but you have no modules available to you (or its asking you to pay when your facility registered you), do the following:

  1. Login to your student records by clicking here.
  2. In your list of courses, find the course that isn’t working properly and click “Refresh Modules”
  3. Go back to the eLearning site, logout and login again and all should be fixed!

If the above steps don’t work, click on the Contact button and submit a help request.

Sometimes your browser will show a course that you have half-completed as no longer available.  This is likely an issue with your browser cache so try the following steps:

  • Logout of your eLearning account and log back in (even if it saved your login from last time).
 – if that doesn’t work – 
  • Open a “Private Browsing” window and try logging in there.

– if that doesn’t work – 

  • Perform the steps in “Modules Didn’t Activate Correctly?” above.

If none of these steps work, please contact us and we will help you further.

For regular EPICC courses (not the COVID-19 course) your certificate will be emailed to you after you complete the course evaluation.  You can also re-send it to yourself by logging into the Learner Records site at the link below.

Click Here to Access Your Learner Records

For the COVID-19 course, your certificate is available on the online learning platform at after logging in.  Click on “Table of Contents” (not just hovering over it) and on the course homepage your will see “Print My Certificate”.  This will only appear after completing all of the modules.