Some Amazing Folks Took Action!

Approximately one month into the COVID-19 pandemic (before it was even called that…) two nurses knew that there was a desperate need for knowledge-sharing worldwide. As friends of the EPICC family, Allan Lai and Rob Paquin approached SoPEC and asked if we’d be willing to host a free COVID-19 course on our website with the vision of getting it far and wide to nurses in need.

Of course, we said Yes!  (well, if you’ve ever tried to say “No” to those two…we wouldn’t encourage it.  Once they have an idea…)

As far as we could tell, the EPICC COVID-19 course was the first widespread free education program with a nursing focus.  The goal was to educate nurses who may suddenly be caring for critically ill patients when they may never have in the past.

the speed that they put the course together was amazing from inception to live in only a few weeks.  And…well…why not do it in both of Canada’s Official Languages?  So they did…  of course they did…

The course was a success touching over 70,000 health care providers in its three years of existence.  SoPEC and the EPICC family are forever grateful to Allan and Rob and their group of friends (who couldn’t say No to them either) for the work they did in an extremely short amount of time.  We would like to acknowledge those people below.

The Common Good

Program contributors from across the globe jumped at the chance to form a community to brainstorm and share solutions to fight COVID-19.

Contributors and Authors