Productive Design Team Meeting

After an exhausting four-day marathon, the EPICC Design team is back at their real jobs.  Yes, this is one of the largest volunteer jobs any of us have ever undertaken and the rapid success of EPICC has caught us by surprise.  From one course 16 months ago to having had 60+ running across the country!

This fall brings more excitement!  EPICC-Trauma will be released in September and work will begin on the much-demanded EPICC-Pediatrics.

Make sure you check out the Expression of Interest posting here in our previous blog posting and get in touch if you’re interested in being involved in EPICC-Pediatrics.

EPICC is a National project with over 100 nurses in Canada involved so far in authoring, testing and rolling out this program.  Although we may be a design team of five, it is the volunteerism of the nurses of Canada that has led to the success.

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