How Registration Works…

This website is a compilation of all of the courses running in Canada from various different providers.

When you go to the next page, you will see the calendar.  Some providers allow online registration and accept credit card payment through this website and some require you to email them for more details.  When you select a course it will ask for your credit card info and if it does not it will indicate who to contact for further information once you complete the registration.  If you only receive contact information (and not a credit card payment form), your registration is NOT confirmed until you contact the lead facilitator as indicated and they confirm you in the course.

After registering you will receive an “account welcome email” and be given the opportunity to reset your password.  This account is NOT your e-learning account!  There is, in fact, no need to activate this account and set a password.  If you wish to register again for another course, you will not need your original account information.

Your online learning access will be activated through a different system once your payment and registration is confirmed through the course provider.

Many employers block e-mails from systems outside of their control.  We recommend using your personal e-mail address so that you can be assured of receiving eLearning account activation emails.

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