EPICC Two Years In…

We are so excited to be celebrating our two-year anniversary of the start of EPICC this month.  From our beginnings with EPICC-Foundations we have now seen the introduction of EPICC-Trauma and the completion of content for EPICC-Pediatrics (stay tuned for more info soon).

Organizations throughout Canada have provided 104 programs across the Country with another 39 already booked to occur in the future.  Courses are widespread in BC, Alberta and Quebec, we are seeing an expanding dissemination plan for Ontario and are working on plans for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada and the North.  As well, through a partnership with the University of BC Department of Surgery, EPICC was provided to group of nurses in Ethiopia last year with the goal of having them become an independent provider in the future.

EPICC has been a pre-conference session at three National Nursing conferences, the Atlantic Trauma Conference and this year at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians conference.  To date, 1235 nurses have completed an EPICC program which has far surpassed what we had hoped for in our first two years.

We want to acknowledge and thank all of our volunteers across the country who helped create and mold EPICC into what it is today.  The EPICC project is run completely by volunteers and we look forward to continuing on into the future with more EPICC programs (sneak peek…EPICC-Advanced is in the plans…).

EPICC National Development Team (yup, we’re volunteering too…)

Landon, Monique, Brian, Denis & Melanie

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