EPICC-Pediatrics Test Course a Success!

Wow, wow, wow!  That’s all we can say about the quality of the test course that the EPICC-Pediatrics Development Team put on at Surrey Memorial Hospital on October 13-14.  A big shout out to all of our volunteers (over 50 people) who have been involved in the development, editing and presenting of the Pediatric content.

The course was overwhelmingly well-received by the test course participants who included adult and peds ED staff nurses, Peds Educators and Emergency/Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialists.  A very humbling experience to have such expertise in one room seeing the course and offering feedback.  And a very big thanks to Fraser Health in British Columbia for volunteering to be the test course host and providing space and willing volunteer learners.

The Peds Team is taking a well-deserved break for a few weeks and more information about next steps and release dates will be coming in a future newsletter.

Super-special recognition to the Peds Development Team – Jessica Blackbourn, Allan Lai, Jon Kephart, Francis Tenorio & Jen Ehirchiou.  Also a special thanks to Irene Isaacs who agreed to help facilitate the course seeing the material only a few days beforehand!

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