EPICC-Pediatrics is Here!

EPICC-Pediatrics officially launches on March 23, 2019 at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC.

This 100% Canadian-designed bilingual course is intended for the Registered Nurse who practices in an emergency department that serves adult and pediatric patients.

The development of this course is based upon adult learning principles, evidence based research and simulation theory. As with the other EPICC programs, pre-course preparation is via an online system providing access to pediatric content on select systems and conditions. All  are research-based, peer-reviewed original content authored by Registered Nurses across Canada. Class attendance will involve simulation and group discussion.

Clinical concepts that will be reviewed include a wide range of systems and conditions such as: Pediatric assessment and physiology, diabetic ketoacidosis, abdominal and respiratory conditions, otolaryngology issues, youth mental health, neurology conditions and infectious disease. There is a strong focus on the development of crisis resource management skills within self and teams.

EPICC-Pediatrics is a two day program and EPICC-Foundations is a prerequisite. (Editor Note March 2020: The Foundations pre-requisite has been removed – there is no pre-requisite to attending Pediatrics). 

Facilities and/or organizations interested in having an EPICC-Pediatrics (or any other program) delivered in their facility should get in touch through the Contact Us tab on this website.

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