Is Facilitation Your Thing?

It isn't about you...

The fundamental question you need to ask yourself if you are considering facilitating EPICC is whether you are able to make learning about learners and not about you!  Many programs involve an instructor standing and telling students what they know.  EPICC is completely the opposite…the skill is in drawing out what the groups know and facilitating conversations amongst the students.  Of course, there is a bit of teaching involved but only when the learner conversation stops!

We will be frank…if you need to tell people how much you know when you teach, you won’t enjoy teaching EPICC!

Course Scope and Objectives

This course focuses on the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to facilitate the EPICC Programs.

Course Purpose

The purpose of the course is to orient potential facilitators into the philosophy and values of the EPICC program.  The focus is not on the theoretical knowledge required to manage Emergency Department patient but is more steered towards the styles and methods to be used while facilitating a program.

Course Participants

The intended participants for this course are Registered Nurses working in the Emergency Department with an interest in facilitation of the EPICC Program.  One of the key determinants of a participants success will be the ability to facilitate (guide conversation brought up by the students) rather than to instruct (tell the participants what you know and hope they remember it).

Facilitator Process

We strongly believe that you should know what you’re getting into!

There are EPICC-Mentors across the country.  Mentors are charged with maintaining the quality of the program through its dissemination.  This isn’t about a mentor determining if you’re a good facilitator…this is about maintaining quality and consistency across the various providers.

EPICC-Mentors will run Facilitator programs as required.  The focus will always be on maintaining the quality of the program.

At this course you will be supernumerary and be mentored facilitating the program by a mentor or senior instructor.

What's an EPICC Mentor?

EPICC-Mentors are senior EPICC-Facilitators who can create more faciliatators.  The goals of EPICC-Mentors is to ensure that the program is delivered with the highest quality and consistency.  They are not there to ‘test’ potential facilitators – they are there to make sure that the vision of the designers and program curriculum are maintained.

Course Format

The course is a mixture of pre-course online modules, discussions and small group case practice.

Course Length and Evaluation

The online pre-course content can take anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on the level of detail sought.  The attended portion of the class is 6 hours in length.  There is no written exam; however, there is an individualized evaluation process throughout the course.

What about the other EPICC Programs?

All facilitators must become facilitators through the EPICC-Foundations process.  Involvement in programs beyond this (Trauma, Pediatrics) are completed after the initial Foundations Process.  The processes revolve around content familiarization and consistency.