EPICC-Pediatrics Test Course a Success!

Wow, wow, wow!  That’s all we can say about the quality of the test course that the EPICC-Pediatrics Development Team put on at Surrey Memorial Hospital on October 13-14.  A big shout out to all of our volunteers (over 50 people) who have been involved in the development, editing and presenting of the Pediatric content.

The course was overwhelmingly well-received by the test course participants who included adult and peds ED staff nurses, Peds Educators and Emergency/Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialists.  A very humbling experience to have such expertise in one room seeing the course and offering feedback.  And a very big thanks to Fraser Health in British Columbia for volunteering to be the test course host and providing space and willing volunteer learners.

The Peds Team is taking a well-deserved break for a few weeks and more information about next steps and release dates will be coming in a future newsletter.

Super-special recognition to the Peds Development Team – Jessica Blackbourn, Allan Lai, Jon Kephart, Francis Tenorio & Jen Ehirchiou.  Also a special thanks to Irene Isaacs who agreed to help facilitate the course seeing the material only a few days beforehand!

EPICC-Trauma at CAEP Conference

The first EPICC-Trauma in Alberta was run as a pre-conference session to the CAEP Conference on May 26, 2018!  Thanks to the great group of nurses who participated and the Foothills Medical Centre for assisting with the facility!

EPICC Two Years In…

We are so excited to be celebrating our two-year anniversary of the start of EPICC this month.  From our beginnings with EPICC-Foundations we have now seen the introduction of EPICC-Trauma and the completion of content for EPICC-Pediatrics (stay tuned for more info soon).

Organizations throughout Canada have provided 104 programs across the Country with another 39 already booked to occur in the future.  Courses are widespread in BC, Alberta and Quebec, we are seeing an expanding dissemination plan for Ontario and are working on plans for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Atlantic Canada and the North.  As well, through a partnership with the University of BC Department of Surgery, EPICC was provided to group of nurses in Ethiopia last year with the goal of having them become an independent provider in the future.

EPICC has been a pre-conference session at three National Nursing conferences, the Atlantic Trauma Conference and this year at the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians conference.  To date, 1235 nurses have completed an EPICC program which has far surpassed what we had hoped for in our first two years.

We want to acknowledge and thank all of our volunteers across the country who helped create and mold EPICC into what it is today.  The EPICC project is run completely by volunteers and we look forward to continuing on into the future with more EPICC programs (sneak peek…EPICC-Advanced is in the plans…).

EPICC National Development Team (yup, we’re volunteering too…)

Landon, Monique, Brian, Denis & Melanie

EPICC-Pediatrics Update

The EPICC-Pediatrics Team has been working hard to plan a revolutionary pediatrics course. The entire team (all 28 of us) is deeply into content development at this time as the first milestone of content delivery to the main Project Team is just over 2 weeks away. We are very excited about the progress we have made so far and feel so fortunate to have so many creative minds working to make this course amazing!

EPICC-Pediatrics Project Manager Appointed

Jessica is an Emergency nurse from Vancouver, BC and will be leading EPICC-Peds. Those who have expressed interest in working with the EPICC-Peds project will be hearing from Jessica soon. She can be reached at our Contact Us link below.

Productive Design Team Meeting

After an exhausting four-day marathon, the EPICC Design team is back at their real jobs.  Yes, this is one of the largest volunteer jobs any of us have ever undertaken and the rapid success of EPICC has caught us by surprise.  From one course 16 months ago to having had 60+ running across the country!

This fall brings more excitement!  EPICC-Trauma will be released in September and work will begin on the much-demanded EPICC-Pediatrics.

Make sure you check out the Expression of Interest posting here in our previous blog posting and get in touch if you’re interested in being involved in EPICC-Pediatrics.

EPICC is a National project with over 100 nurses in Canada involved so far in authoring, testing and rolling out this program.  Although we may be a design team of five, it is the volunteerism of the nurses of Canada that has led to the success.